Our Company

About San Pacific Investments

San Pacific Investments Pte Ltd was established in Singapore as Dr. Erich Erber, the founder (current CEO of family office) and his family are deeply rooted in their homegrown, and were already running multiple operational locations in the local regions and other parts of Asia. Since the early days of 2007 at the start of its venture, the management has since expanded into its current range of asset classes throughout Asia, EU and South America.


It is our "Passion to Grow" our portfolio in "investments we understand", and striving for sustainability.



We like a balanced portfolio with brick and mortar business, with finance investment and solid values such as agricultural land. In the latest move, we have ventured into start-up financing in which we value innovative high growth ventures where we can add value to contribute more than just financial assistance by offering mentoring, networking and marketing expertise.


The name "San (三)" is derived from the Chinese word for "Three (三)" which is expressed in the logo. The philosophy on "three" is at best expressed by the ancient incense urn - in Chinese called "Ding 鼎". Such objects are found in every Chinese temple to place the incense for prayers.

As this "Ding" has only three legs, it can stand steadily no matter how uneven the surface may be. As such, it is the most stable geometric figure one can have. San Pacific, as such, is also able to stand on any ground in a stable manner, so to speak.

Our History

The Erber family history traces back to the year 1688 in Rabenstein, Lower Austria with its family tree branching out over the years. Then, the family members was engaged in farming, trading and later years, meat processing and transportation. The family hit rock bottom when they lost all of their wealth in the 1930´s after the great depression. After WWII, the business of farming and trading started picking up its way to success again. The year 1983 was when Erich Erber decided to start his own company named Erber AG, providing feed additives and premixes to the feed industry. Today, Erber AG's agro biotech activities have scaled great heights in expansion, diversifying into other sectors like feed, food safety, animal health, food and crop protection and the products and services are offered on a global scale.

In 2007, the decision to start a family office with a new structural system was implemented, with a main concept idea to pool all private investments under one umbrella organisation. All Erber AG shares have since been transferred into this company. San Pacific Investments Pte Ltd took the lead in transit and the other real estate investors followed behind subsequently. Later in report, San Pacific has successfully branched out in other operative locations and beyond regions such as Thailand, Austria, Brazil and most recently, Uruguay.